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Emotion and JLR's 'The Pace' experience

26 July 2019

Lisa Riordan, Creative Group Head, discusses how she designed the cutting-edge, multi-media The Pace - Season One launch campaign for Jaguar Land Rover's latest vehicle. The experience featured a live performance from one of music's hottest pop stars, Dua Lipa, and was activated across Europe through social media, live events, OOH advertising, mobile experience and PR channels, engaging millions of people.

Punching through digital clutter

For the design narrative of the stage structure, I started from the furthest point out from the performance. I wanted to create visual tension through the design, funnelling the intensity of the energy of the performance through the phone screen so that people would have a more visceral, dynamic experience.

By taking this approach, the live show for those at the event was a more intense experience that we were able to capture and share, to increase the emotional impact. The iconic angular structure of the stage set was designed in a way to trigger emotions and create a sense of momentum and energy. It had to be dramatic and have a level of intensity to transcend beyond the realms of the physical space and punch through the digital clutter people are confronted with daily.

Ensuring The Pace has drama

I wanted the design to create a physically imposing experience with a stage set that commanded attention in a way that extended beyond the single space of the performance. I created a large diamond-shaped screen, as I wanted to add to the dynamic physicality of the area and the performance both on the night and through shared social assets.

The screen deliberately filled the infrastructure of the performance space and suspended at 17 degrees towards the audience. It created an amazing tension for invited viewers on the night, as well as a unique frame and identity for user-generated shareable content from the experience. The set was further brought to life using unique dynamic visual content and a killer sound system to immerse the audience in a visual extravaganza, depicting the different data sets from the car.

Building transformational effects

Complementing the incredible performance was a unique laser and lighting set up and a diamond-shaped laser chandelier that hung above the stage. The chandelier had a dual purpose; it flipped between acting as a set of mirrors to reflect the lasers and to also create a series of spectacular effects to a set of lights. This resulted in multiple bold transformations throughout the space.

Wrapped around the live experience was a cutting-edge piece of intuitive software, which Imagination created to personalise remixes of Dua Lipa's brand new song 'Want To'. The software worked in three ways: using vehicle data captured by the all-electric I-PACE for media in Amsterdam, from individuals Spotify preferences remixing a song that would be unique to them or by physical interaction data by tapping a speed on their mobile phone.

The winning combination of the staging, visual content, lighting, lasers and incredible sound, immersed the audience in a 3-dimensional, layered, multi-sensory experience. I feel very proud to have worked with an insanely talented group of people at Imagination to create this.

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