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How to create a product launch experience with impact

09 July 2019
woman throwing a beach ball up at the museum of ice cream in new york city while people photograph her

Launch programmes now require more planning than ever to deliver a better return on investment and an effective operational system. Customers are increasingly overloaded by new brands, products and content, and as a result, brands need to find new ways of cutting through the noise.

It's vital to embrace new technologies and connect with customers across every touch point. In our latest report 'How to create a product launch experience with impact' we discuss the following five challenges facing product launch strategies today:

  • How do I ensure my launch experience has depth and reach?

  • How can I educate new customers about my product whilst still inspiring them?

  • How can I create an experience when I have limited product availability?

  • How can I accelerate customer interaction to create transaction?

  • How can I create and deliver a truly scalable launch programme?

Click here to download the full report.