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Imagination Creates Saudi Arabia’s first music streaming channel BEAST TV

12 January 2022
beast tv imagination visual graphic pink blue, person wearing headphones listening to music

Imagination launches Saudi Arabia’s first-ever music streaming channel, BEAST TV. This star-studded, high-tech live stream of the Soundstorm21 festival was watched by world record-breaking audience numbers.

The live event took place in Riyadh, between 16-19 December 2021, and broke global festival numbers with 732,000 visitors to the in-person event. Streamed through BEAST TV to 107 countries over the four days remote audiences enjoyed an ‘I was there’ sensation through immersive and cutting-edge audio technology.

The first-ever use of live spatial audio during a live-streamed festival – included a real-time immersive spatial audio mix from up to seven stages - letting virtual music fans feel like they were up close and personal to DJs including Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Afrojack and Salvatore Ganacci.

Imagination built the BEAST TV platform for scale, with the ability to stream upwards of one million viewers simultaneously. With the aspiration to become an equivalent to MTV or RedBull TV in the Middle East and support owner MDLBEAST’s ambition of bringing more Saudi youth and creative culture to the world.

Following the impressive launch of BEAST TV, the channel will become an always-on interactive content portal to bring all MDLBEAST’s live experiences to life for a digital audience. It will connect audiences far and wide through rich interactive and gamified content; keeping viewers emotionally engaged with the atmosphere, the people and the music.

Visit BEAST TV here.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time in Saudi Arabia right now and creating a platform that can share live music in the most technically advanced way is exactly where MDLBEAST wants to be.”

Ben Sinden

Executive Director of Media at MDLBEAST