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Connected Experiences with XPKit

How do you maximise engagement and ROI before, during and after live experiences? Engage customers and make better decisions with XPKit.

Smart, connected and

measurable experiences.


Why XPKit?

Although the delivery of live experiences has changed, experience design has not. Whether in person or online, the need to connect is more important than ever. XPKit is a pioneering live experience platform that provides a truly connected and personal experience for every customer, driving engagement, loyalty and sales.


What is XPKit?

A suite of software services for experiences, that connects every touchpoint across the customer journey and integrates with your CRM and business intelligence systems. This enables you to measure, analyse and improve every step of the journey using real-time data, creating powerful insights to evolve every facet of the customer experience. Real-time return on Investment.


How XPKit works

Using highly scalable global cloud infrastructure and our API framework, XPKit provides secure data capture and stable delivery for experiences. This powers an analytics service, so you can see results before, during and after. Our bespoke experience toolkit, utilises 10 key engagement touchpoints, developed using analytics and insights from delivering thousands of unique experiences over 10 years. These touchpoints can be used to design bespoke experiences to meet your business objectives, while offering a personalised customer experience.



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countriesacross 4 continents


global brandstechnology, retail, automotive, finance, sports...


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XPKit enables you to learn, analyse and continually improve your experiences, making them better every time.

Use cases

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Measure, analyse and gain the insights to improve experiences in real-time. Our live behavioral dashboards allow you to see visitor numbers, dwell time, content views and interactions across every touchpoint.

Use cases

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Connect and ampify your brand to wider audiences, with a rich, interactive, and immersive experience. Immersive Technology enables you to integrate, augment and broadcast virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences from and to anywhere in the world, in real time.

Use cases

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Cloud-based digital content management service, allowing you to create and push personalised content to any screen during the experience.

Use cases

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Integrate user-generated and brand content with data capture and insights, for maximum engagement and reach. Share personalised video, AR content, GIFs and images, to social media and messaging platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat & TikTok.

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Information Security

We take the protection of our clients data very seriously. First certified to the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Standard in September 2016, all personally identifiable information (PII) captured by XPKit is completely secure. Our Integrated Management System also complies with ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management to ensure adherence to industry best practice when responding to our client needs.