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Children's Day

LEGO is a long-standing tool for self-expression, creativity, and creation. Childrens’ Day became the perfect opportunity to explore the notion of ‘play’ through the theme 'what's the right way to play?'. It demonstrated the value of both structured and unstructured play with LEGO to parents in nine cities across China – Xi'an, Suzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Shenyang, Xiamen, Dongguan, Nanjing and Jiaxing.

May 2021

104 k

+ visitorsacross 9 cities


deeply-engaged visitors visited the LEGO store post-experience

126 k

+ engagements


conversion from our mini app to new LEGO Members


Quest for creation

Free play and structured play are equally invaluable to developmental growth and problem-solving. This dichotomy inspired us to create a 'quest for creation', where visitors used our 'mini programme' to navigate from touchpoint to touchpoint. Each touchpoint came with a building challenge that provided a structure for play whilst encouraging creativity. With each completed challenge, visitors could then unlock a part of their 'Quest Map' – an 8x8 base plate for them to build a star, Chinese character, an animal, or whatever their heart desired.

Completing Star Square

The quest came to an end at the final touchpoint — Star Square — a co-creation space for visitors' lego builds to live on together for the entire event. Each creation could be scanned and recreated brick by brick digitally across a screen showing the night’s sky. This final moment celebrates free play and expression while providing a canvas for everyone’s individual creations to live on.

Imagination applied exceptional originality to the design of the Lego Children’s Day experience. The overall event was fun, interactive and engaging, with parents and children alike excited by the structured and unstructured play activities. We were extremely happy to work alongside Imagination, bringing to life the brand's attitude of 'play for inspiration' and we’re satisfied that the experience has achieved its aim of changing parents' perceptions of play.

LEGO China Customer Events Department

Changing Perceptions

LEGO Inspiration Wonderland set out to challenge parent’s perceptions of play and to extend the reach of LEGO’s Children’s Day campaigns. Upon entry, parents were asked to complete a short quiz on the MiniApp, asking them how they view play and what they associate with various LEGO builds and ideals. At the end of the journey, the parents answered the same association questions again. This provided an opportunity to reflect on how their perceptions of play may have changed as a result of the experience.

Value for the audience

Our quest challenges provided an opportunity for parents and their kids to co-create and for parents to consider their perceptions of play. The space catered towards both structured and unstructured play providing the perfect environment to spark learning, growth, and entertainment.

Value for the brand

During LEGO Children's Day, more than 100,000 people were engaged across 9 Chinese cities. Imagination successfully delivered LEGO's brand message of 'free play' and highlighted the child development benefits of playing with LEGO to a critical audience, converting over 70% of visitors into LEGO WeChat followers.

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