The expression of American luxury

Lincoln pavilion at the Shanghai Auto Show

Immersive Pavilion

We collaborated with Lincoln to refresh its auto show presence for the Shanghai Auto Show, to better reflect personal luxury while clearly expressing the incredible technology that the brand is pioneering.

April 2021
Best Stand Shanghai Auto Show Ford World Excellence Award


Best Stand Shanghai Auto Show


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A consistently exciting experience

The Lincoln brand has matured substantially in China and its latest vehicles are a testament to this — embodying a striking combination of progressive American luxury with features that are uniquely relevant to its Chinese audience. The 2021 Shanghai Auto Show was the perfect time to refresh the brand’s auto show experience; reflecting the brand’s vision of personal luxury alongside the incredible technology that Lincoln is pioneering in the market.

Introducing the Immersive Pavilion

We had a clear desire to create something iconic and unique within the auto show environment. Creating a destination that would fundamentally become a brand home for Lincoln, a space to discover the brand. We, therefore, created a sensory omnichannel brand experience named, ‘The Immersive Pavilion’. Each area of the stand has its own distinct characteristics bound together by a unified mid-century modern aesthetic. This emphasis on timeless luxury creates a cohesive experience that’s bold, exciting, and reflects Lincoln.

An iconic statement

Making an iconic statement within the auto show environment, the Lincoln stand is unmistakable. Rather than concentrating the entire structure at the rear of the stand, we ran a generous upper deck perpendicular to the glasshouse. Walking through the environment, spaces flow and spill into each other to create a more personal and intimate atmosphere; galleries become informal lounges, and elegant stairs lead to a long-spanning deck. This creates a sense of contrast that feels completely natural for a brand like Lincoln, both timeless and distinctly contemporary.

The future lives here

Located at the front of the stand, the entrance pavilion is the embodiment of Lincoln’s forward-looking attitude. So much so, we named it the ‘Future Lab’. For the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show, the Future Lab hosts an incredible, interactive expression of Lincoln’s new HMI, ‘Constellation’, where guests’ every movement is picked up by full-body motion sensors and reinterpreted on the double-story LED screen for a fully immersive experience. Each year, the Future Lab will be re-invigorated with new artwork that transports guests with Lincoln’s new vision of luxury.

Watch how Constellation works

"Lincoln has put on something amazing at Auto Shanghai, from the new stand to the latest preview car, the new HMI interface, showcasing its strongest lineup since it entered China. We have high expectations for Lincoln's future development"

Jinqiao Wei

Chief Editor, iAUTO


Value for brand

The value for the brand is reflected in the outstanding results – including the experience winner of Best Stand at the Shanghai Auto Show. Not only did the experience connect deeply with the in-person audience but it also helped Lincoln reach a wider audience through 1.6 million media impressions. Most importantly the brand's sales increased by 20% following the implementation of Imagination's experience programme.

Value for audience

Through moments of surprise and delight audiences have been offered a truly immersive experience that is not typically found at an auto show. Through this experience, visitors have experienced something truly unique and connected deeply with Lincoln’s take on luxury.

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