How do you demystify a heritage brand to reach a new audience?


Inside Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce opened up to the world and let everyone in on their creative process with their first ever public exhibition and above the line campaign.

November 2014


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place in the Drum Design Awards 2015, Experiential Category


Rolls-Royce colour options brought to life


Opening up a world of luxury

Few people know that every Rolls-Royce car is a bespoke creation, nor the lengths that the company goes to create each of them. We needed to tell this story in an accessible way, whilst maintaining the luxurious nature of the brand.

A gallery-worthy experience

Every Rolls-Royce is like a work of art: unique, beautiful and highly collectible. So the perfect environment for this story was a gallery in the art capital of the world with an exhibition that was more artwork than brand experience.

The art of perfection

Inside Rolls-Royce at London’s Saatchi Gallery was a multi-sensory exhibition that illuminated nine key aspects of the company's creative process. It brought to life the exquisite materials, unrivalled technology and supreme craftsmanship that goes into creating their cars. The interactives remade themselves for each visitor, ensuring everyone had a personalised and uniquely shareable experience.

The first above-the-line campaign

We supported the exhibition with an above-the-line campaign, the first in the brand’s history. It included a brand film at Waterloo station, billboards at Victoria station, escalator screens across the London Underground and a longer film online.


Value for the audience

The exhibition opened the doors to one of the world’s most prestigious brands for 15,000 visitors. Iit was a truly immersive and educational experience.

An outstanding, once in a lifetime event.

International Business Times

Value for the brand

The exhibition helped Rolls Royce reach over 41 million people and was industry-recognised as an outstanding event, winning 1st place in the Drum Design Awards 2015, Experiential Category.

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