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Celebrating the new home of the all-new, all-electric F-150

14 October 2020

We partnered with Ford to create a socially-distanced live and virtual event to announce its newest investment in America and the Rouge Complex ‘Electric Vehicle Center’, with the construction of the ‘Electric Vehicle Center’ that will build the all-new, fully-electric F-150.

To ensure a successful program, we conceived, designed and produced the ‘Built For America’ event. We worked with Ford to seamlessly communicate the its messaging through storytelling and visuals.

We also produced two films. The first film used CGI graphics to visualise what the new ‘Electric Vehicle Center’ would look like upon completion. The second film started with CGI to kick off the production of the all-new F-150. The film then transitioned to footage of the physical vehicle being built on the factory line. Finally, the film and real-life merged as a physical 2021 F-150 was driven off the line and showcased to the audience during the live event.

Ford has a long history being built for America. The historic Rouge Complex was built in 1928 and was the most integrated manufacturing plant of its kind during that time. Since then, its history has mirrored the story of America and American manufacturing. It is where the industrial revolution took hold. It is where not only cars and trucks were built, but also tractors, and tanks in WWII.

To mark the next chapter for the Rouge Complex, Ford’s ‘Built For America’ celebration event, announced that production of the all-electric F-150 will begin in mid-2022.

The vehicle will be assembled at the ‘Rouge Electric Vehicle Center’ - currently under construction at the Rouge Complex. Ford is investing $700 Million into the new 100% carbon-free plant. Additionally, the new center will create hundreds of American jobs. Ford’s commitment to innovation and America has never been stronger.

According to an independent study by Boston Consulting Group, Ford currently contributes $100 Billion to America’s GDP, employs more hourly workers, and assembles more vehicles in the United States than any other auto manufacturer.

The electric F-150 will arrive mid-2022 but at the event, Ford also announced that production of the all-new F-150 will start this month. It will be the toughest, most productive, and most advanced F-150 to date.

This event kicked off a month-long multi-city tour of the all-new fully-electric F-150 that will highlight Ford’s continued investment in America along with the economic impact Ford has in those communities.

Ford’s commitment to America was clear as its share price climbed significantly on a day that the stock market took a hit. The livestream saw over 58,000 views and was covered by: Fox Business, Fox & Friends, Detroit News, Engadget, CNET, AdAge, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC and Axios.