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Hands on with the Apple Vision Pro

23 February 2024

Our Imagination teams in New York and London got their hands on some of the first Apple Vision Pros and it made their mouths drop!

Here are some thoughts from their time experimenting with it and how we think brands can make the most of this promising new product:

Say hello to spatial computing

Apple is well known for its intuitive interfaces in desktop and mobile computing. Now that they have made a headset with stellar eye-tracking technology and the ability to reliably navigate using subtle finger taps, there’s an opportunity for brands to (re)think how they show up in a reality that’s never felt so augmented before.

Make complex ideas feel accessible

Is your product too small, technical, or intricate to efficiently communicate to consumers or potential investors? The Vision Pro effortlessly displays and anchors it in 3D space, so you can change its scale, take it apart, walk around it, and more easily explain its inner workings. It’s also a great tool to level up your data visualisation: instead of pie charts and bar graphs in a slides deck, tell your data story in an immersive way, through a virtual tour of your production facilities for example, without safety concerns or disruptions to the assembly line.

Fast forward to the future

Imagine offering a mobile shopping experience that can be seamlessly continued with added features on an Apple headset. Or revolutionising interior design and renovation projects by letting users switch between material or furniture options, and compare 3D renders with ongoing construction in real time. Make the most of the added layer of realism enabled by the headset’s geolocation and lighting matching abilities.

This first-generation Vision Pro is already helping bring down barriers that had previously kept many brands from investing in such products. So how will you reimagine digital marketing and experiences when you’re not bound by traditional screens?